Administering FluMist

CDC Recommends Against Using FluMist Vaccine

Flu vaccines are about to get more painful. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee recommended on Wednesday that FluMist, the nasal spray influenza vaccine, should not be used during the upcoming flu season. “To everyone’s surprise and increasing consternation, this vaccine has

Page (L) and Plant (R)

Led Zep Wins and Joe Walsh Weighs In

The song WILL remain the same, as it seems, Led Zeppelin are in the clear after a federal jury decided the band did not plagiarize their signature track, 1971’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Music aficionados, on the other hand, hear something different. Still, the panel announced

Evergreen Lodge

10 Historic National Park Lodges

 Waking up near the rim of the Grand Canyon, at the edge of a Yellowstone geyser or within view of a Hawaiian volcano are some of the highlights of these U.S. hotels. Situated in or near National Park Service sites, they are among the most

William Shakespeare

Finding Proof Shakespeare’s Head is Missing

An investigation of William Shakespeare’s grave, using new technology, has confirmed historical rumors that his skull was stolen. The new analysis of the grave of William Shakespeare was designed to coincide with the various events taking place around the world designed to mark the 400th

Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius gets Threats of Gang Rape

In the week during which Oscar Pistorius walked on his stumps in court and pictures of his murdered girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, were released to the public, it emerged that family members had received threats that Pistorius would be gang raped in prison. Police confirmed that

Theranos Infographic

And another thing about Theranos…

By Sten Westgard Thuffering Theranos! It seems a week cannot go by without more bad news for the former darling startup: There’s the release of “lightly redacted” inspection report, which reveals finally some damning details about the performance of the Edison machine. The CMS response to

It's all in your head

The Smart Way to Collaborate

By Anurag Harsh Collaboration is a fantastic concept. It evokes teamwork, functionality, and innovation. When we work together, amazing things can happen. The world is covered with examples. The pyramids of Egypt, the skyscrapers of New York City, probes sent off into the outer reaches of